One of the realms in the Otherworld is Myrkheim.

Creatures that hail from this realm include orcs, ogres, trolls, and goblins.

According to the nameless bard, Myrkheim is currently plagued by the Rot. Food is scarce and the inhabitants of this realm had to seek their nourishment elsewhere.

The treaty with the Human Queen of Merle prevents them from harming a mortal.

Some of the notable creatures of Myrkheim present in the Night Queen’s Curse are King Abeloth and Lord Korban.

Both Abeloth and Korban are notorious in their hunt for humans and elves.

The picture above is one of the Orc camps situated near Reírse mountain of Avalon.

Eirik Bloodhound has given them refuge in the fairyland of Avalon. Not many agree with the King of the Unseelie Court’s decision to welcome these outsiders.

Aerin Wiolant of House Völundr and her companion have put an end to these creatures’ rampage.

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